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Woman aren’t always RIGHT!!

download (27)In general wives seem to think that their husband are clueless idiots when dealing with relationships. They get their feelings hurt and walk around giving their husbands the silent treatment like it is their right..

No no no no no, I am not selling out my own kind. I am merely trying to make a point.

Society brainwashes us to certain things in such a sneaky way that we end up rather believing society that the husband in front of us.

Don’t get me wrong, it works exactly the same for husbands, but I am sure there is a husband out there already writing about that.  (and it seems I have found him, go read “must be this tall to ride’s blog –”)

All I am asking is that you know yourself well enough not to just blindly follow society. I am a woman myself and I refuse to submit to the stigma’s that society has hung around me just because I am a woman.

  • I am not over emotional.
  • I am not a shopaholic.
  • I am not a fake friend and I don’t gossip about my friends behind their backs to other friends.
  • I can go to the bathroom alone.
  • I do not use sex as a weapon against my husband to get my way.
  • I never manipulated my husband when I was pregnant with unreasonable cravings at unreasonable hours.

I can go on and on with this list but that is not the point. This article is not to tell you who I am or how I am.

Woman are not all the same just like not all men are the same. If you don’t like being put in a certain box then don’t put others in a certain box. Be yourself. Know who that is. Know yourself. Be your own friend.

Woman are not always right. Mostly isn’t always. Remember that…. Image result for smiley



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