Parents & Children

What is our endgame with our Children?

Everybody does something for some gain. Nobody does anything for nothing or no reason. We all have a endgame. Some result we want to see at the end of what we did. Whether it takes us a minute, a day, a year or a lifetime to do. We have a endgame.

So what is the endgame with our children? I do know that our endgame depends on who we are as a person. A Rich dad that is very successful wants the same success for his son or daughter.

Our children all start with a CLEAN SLATE

What we teach them is what they know about the world, about themselves, about us. That is why the first 7 years is so important to lay a good foundation that they will fall back on the day they start rebelling as teenagers or when they try find themselves in those puberty years.

Our children, just like us, have perceptions. Not everybody perceives all situations the same. Hence our unique qualities.

Our ‘jobs’ as parents is to find out what those perceptions are and guide our children in the truth. We can only do that if we talk to our kids. If they feel safe around us to trust us with their hearts. If we are trustworthy.


So what is the endgame?

Is it not to have children that can adapt and survive in a society that is sometimes hard, mostly cruel and regularly unfair?

So how do we teach our children to handle situations like that?

We as parents should always be the safe haven. We should be their soft place to fall, but we should also be the guide and example of how things are done.

Is it easy? NOT AT ALL. Are we going to fail sometimes! FOR SURE. Is it worth it??

A   B    S    O    L   U    T    E    L    Y  !!!



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