Everybody has a voice

Some are just very much louder than others. (ha ha) I like that….. very much louder…. True nonetheless. I was a shy kid. Always quiet and in the background. I had nieces, nephews and cousins that were very much louder than others. I was pretty comfortable in the shadows and on the backstage. In fact I hated it with a passion if my mom called to me to come “show” the family how good I play the organ or the melodica I had. I didn’t like the limelight.

But I still had a voice…….

Then of course when I hit puberty and became a teenager I wanted to let the world KNOW I had a voice. My voice became a very strong opinion. When teenagers discover themselves and things start making  sense to them and their lights start coming on they seem to think that the rest of the adult population also “just “had that epiphany.

That would be why teenagers are such “know it all’s” and can hardly be taught anything. Yet, regardless of anything, they all still have a voice.

When a young adult lady has a boyfriend and the relationship is fairly serious, meaning they live together or are engaged to be married, she loses her voice for a while. Her boyfriend/fiance has the voice for both of them. She becomes more submissive. This normally carries on into her first couple of years of marriage.

She lives for her husband, then she lives for her children. Then when a woman hits 40 something drastically changes inside her.

I don’t know if God planned it like that or if society programed us like that or maybe by that time your children are almost out of the house and finally you grant yourself space for yourself.


I got my voice back. It is liberating, exhilarating and extremely exciting. I know what I want and I have no problem claiming my piece of sun. I have lost so many things along the way and my path has not always been rosy. I have gained friends and experiences along the way as well.

But one thing that I gained that I am very grateful for is that I know have a voice.



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