Witness to your life….

What is a wife? What is a husband? What is the point of getting married these days? Is there a point in getting married with all these liberal woman that don’t even take their husbands last name anymore. Living together seems the new IN thing. Definitely makes breaking up a lot easier and cheaper. No divorce lawyers. No courts. No legal documentation of splitting of assets. No life long connection to that person. Clean breaks. Well for the most part we all hope that would be the case IF we ever get there one day…

Then why is it that every little girl on the planet dreams of her wedding day. The prince on the white horse. Her fairy tale dress and of coarse the happy ever after. Why was is put in the heart of all little boys to CONQUER. Are we a parents teaching out kids this from baby time? No, it is born into them.

All we need is a “witness to our lives”….

We need someone to share our victories. We need someone to share our failures. We want affirmation and acknowledgement. We just need to feel ‘good enough’.

The person that you are in love with is in general the exact opposite of you personality wise. We need someone to cheer us on when we want to give up. We need someone to do the opposite of what we are doing or feeling. Someone to make us laugh when we are sad. Someone to have patience when we run out of it. Someone to understand and take over when life gets too hard for us.

… and when you find that someone, consider yourself blessed. Some people wait years before they find that special someone. Some go through hell and back before they find their someone. Some never find them. So if you have found your someone, Be loyal, be faithful, be patient, be loving, be understanding, be Honorable, be respectful, be grateful, be humble, be joyous, be honest, be brave, be protective, be loving and most of all be there for them no matter what. Tomorrow might be too late.

Again the words come to mind… “Do unto others as you want done onto yourself”… Its just that simple.


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