H E L P. . . .

If you could ask a stranger like me for advice…..what would you ask??

I sometimes wonder if i would be able to even help someone who needs advice. Would people even be honest and tell both sides of the story. Or am I just going to get their side with how they were the victim and the innocent one.

Can we ever be totally innocent when we deal and work with other people. Can we be honest enough with ourselves to not always be the victim. Can we look at some situation and calmly dissect it and take blame where we deserve it.

I suppose not, why else would we need to speak to anybody else to begin with. We want other peoples point of view and perspective but only sometimes – as long as we stay the innocent one?? Or as long as they stay on our side?? Or as long as we still end up winning??

Not really how relationships work but people will be people.

So , if anybody is interested, ask me anything! I will be as honest as possible. Maybe I will be totally of the mark or maybe i will give you a totally different perspective. You never know…

Just ask..



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