Have You?

Have you ever wondered why some people go through divorce and others have 25 year anniversaries. Why some people just got it made and for others everything seems to be a continues struggle.

Life is by no means fair.

That still doesn’t seem to make me feel better somehow. My parents were married for 46 years when my mom passed away. My brothers have both been married only once and its been for more that 20 years now for both of them. And me?? I am on husband number 3 and on my way to divorce court again….

And whether I would like to admit that or not I am the common denominator here. So it would seem time to do some self evaluation here. All three of my husbands can’t all be wrong. Can they??

Or is it that the tolerance level becomes less and less the more times you try making a new relationship work.

I just know that with every relationship that has ended I seemed to have lost a piece of myself. Regardless of the previous faults and hurts I still trusted and fell in love. I still dreamed and hoped. I still tried my best. I still wanted to make the relationship work.

The past is in the past and you cannot judge any person on mistakes that another person made. All you can do is take a look at yourself and take responsibility for your mistakes in the relationship. And learn from that.

We are who we are and whether it was circumstances, hurts, experiences of mistakes that made us who we are, nevertheless, we are special. All we can hope for is that someone would love us with all our faults. That someone would look past our hurts and pain and find the good qualities in us and love that.

If you have a someone like that then treasure them. They are rare.


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