Check Your Price tag.

That is the best advise I have ever gotten in my life. Isn’t that awesome. But it also says so many other things but just “Check your price tag”.

Let me explain..

It also says that YOU should check your price tag. – Sometimes woman tend to let the man in their lives determine their worth. We let them set the price. The man we have given our heart to is the one that determines what we think of ourselves and how we value ourselves. Sad actually, but if a woman has no self worth then the love of the man she loves can help her get self worth again. The more she sees the love in his eyes the greater her love for herself becomes.

Every woman should be in a place in her life where she herself determines her price tag. We tend to downsize ourselves in comparison to the woman in movies, on magazines and in music video’s. That is how the world has reconditioned our brains. STOP. Just STOP.

We are not mind controlled robots with a Master that pushes the buttons on his remote. We are intelligent woman with hearts and souls and curves and personalities and charisma and flair and spunk and everything that any other woman also has.

All we need to do is make peace with who we are and how we are. God loves us anyway.

This picture says it just like it is. We need to get off the “clearance rack” and get behind the glass where the valuables are kept.

Its time we show the world what we are worth. Its time be believe in that worth. We are woman of character, integrity and pride. We are worthy. Start acting like that. Name your price. Don’t mark yourself down or ever let ANYBODY determine your price but YOU.


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