First Impressions

Have you ever judged a book by its cover. We all do that. I suppose it’s been bred into us from small. Our parents believed in it as we believe in soap. Just one look at a persons face and they saw right through him or her. Nothing changed their minds about that person one’s they looked him or her in the face. Good or bad. It was settled.

That’s a bit harsh if you ask me…..

How do you judge someone? By the first impression they make on you or do you give them a chance. Most people are very nervous in certain situations and it doesn’t reflect the true person at first glance.

Take a job interview for instance, first impressions are crucial but can also sink the interview for you if you are one of those people that needs a bit more time to relax and be comfortable with strangers before you show your true colors.

I am one of the lucky few that seem to make a very good first impression regardless of the storm inside me when I meet someone for the first time. I am a very shy person and strangers make me very nervous. Needless to say interviews freak me out completely. Yet, till today I have not gone for any interview of witch I did not get the job. Now that’s what I call GRACE.

We are all human so we all have flaws and shortcomings. We should be more patient with each other and have more grace. Not only with the strangers we meet but I think in general it would be a good rule to live by even for the people we have known for years.

Sometimes we tend to be less patient with our loved ones because they know us and should know better. Sometimes we tend to treat strangers and acquaintances better than the people we claim to love.

We should all take stock once in a while. Just to keep ourselves in check. How do we treat our loved ones compared to the stranger at the supermarket?

Some food for thought….


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