Some Days Are Better Than Others

Everyone of us has a past.  And  everyone of us has a dark side. So what is the plan here?  Do we just let our dark side reign free in order to make our past darker? Some people do. Others has had a hard look in the mirror in some stage of their lives and looked the truth right in the face and owned it. I have a past with good and bad experiences. I have a past where I did good things but also made a lot of bad choices and mistakes. And I have a dark side.

Some Days are better than others.

We all have choices and decision to make all day everyday. We decide all things about ourselves. If you are an adult that is. Children still have it easy because parents are still teaching them to take responsibility for their decisions and actions.   I think that is a big part of being an adult. The fact that you start taking responsibility for the things you do and the decisions you make.

Age is just a number. Who decided that a 21-year old is an adult but a 16-year old is less of a adult than a 21-year old? Who said that when you are  45 years old you are mature? It all depends on each individual and the decisions they make. Some 21 year olds make wiser decisions than some 40 year olds. The choices they make determine our maturity.

Some days I like myself and how I interact with people. Other days not so much. We tend to let our heart determine how we treat other people, especially when our hearts are hurt. We push everybody that cares about us away. Sometimes because we are protecting ourselves but sometimes because of pride.

Sometimes we push away the people we love and hurt them when they are the ones helping us. They are the ones who least deserve to be hurt and pushed away. Then a stranger or acquaintance walks in and immediately we put on the social mask . Then we are well mannered and polite. We treat the stranger with respect and dignity but the persons who care about us get the dark side.

We should change things around and give the respect and polite attitude to the ones we love and the dark side to the strangers. We grow up with the mind set that its important what we show the outside world but people living in our house can be destroyed with short tempers, hard words, negative attitudes, judgments and insults and marriages, relationships and children suffer because of that.

How many times have we overheard people talk and make jokes about how nobody really knows what happens behind closed doors. There where nobody can see us, we relax and be ourselves. There we let the dark side reign free to the expense of the people we claim we love. That is so sad.

I feel like I am rumbling on today and not making sense. Maybe my heart has scattered feelings that need to be reorganized. It feels like I have so much to say but it seems like it just doesn’t want to form a story that will make sense.

Well, I guess some days are better than others.


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