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Its been just over 4 years that my Mom passed away. In my lifetime I can safely say that losing my Mom was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. In fact I don’t think you ever get thru it. It’s something that stays with you forever.

Whatever the circumstances where of the death of your loved one makes no difference to the loss that you feel. Everybody that has lost someone will know what I’m talking about.

I  think the worst part for me is the constant reminder of that person’s lack of presence in your life. The finality of death.

Life goes on.


We get up the next day and the next day after that and soon enough everything feels like it can almost be normal again. But it never is. That loved one is on your mind constantly.

My relationship with my mom was a very close one. We had contact everyday. Whether via text message, whatsapp or phone call, we spoke daily. That is the hardest part to come to terms with.

I must have picked up my phone a million times to phone my mom to say something. And the realization that she is gone hits you like a bucket of ice cold water all over again, just as you thought life goes on.

Nothing will ever be the same again. Losing your mother is like losing a part of your soul that you can never get back again. The only thing that remains is this dull numbing feeling of loss and despair.

“Mom, I think of you daily and miss you so much. Thank you for all the things you taught me. Thank you for the wonderful years I had the privilege to call myself your daughter. There’s so many things I still want to say to you and share with you, but I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again…”

I Love You Mom.



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