Even not choosing is a choice!! I had to think about that one for 2 seconds more when I heard it for the first time. Nevertheless very true. Even by not making a choice you made a choice to not make a choice.

Okay, so before I confuse myself any further, let me tell you something very interesting.

Anger is a CHOICE!

Man, I can still remember the very first time someone told me that. I wanted to punch them in the face. What the hell???? Choice!!  What choice. When you are pi$$ed off you’re pi$$ed off. There’s no CHOICE.

Of course when I was cooled off and I thought about it I realised they were right. Anger is a choice.

Then one of my friends challenged me to watch carefully how people make the decision to get angry. You should try that. It works. Once you see the moment they make the decision to get angry you realize that it is indeed a choice. And if it is a choice we can choose not to choose it.

Happiness is the same choice. We are all ultimately responsible for our own happiness. We are so eager to blame someone for not making us happy. Especially our partners. When in fact our happiness is solely dependant on ourselves and again our choices.

We should teach our children from young that they are responsible for their own happiness and that they don’t need someone else to define them as a person.

How different would our teenage daughters act if the boy they have a crush on does not define their happiness but they themselves do.

You always have a choice. Now just choose wisely.



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