How do you erase the past? How do you make someone you love believe in you again? Even when you know that you didn’t do anything to loose their belief. If you have been nothing but honest, faithful and truthful.

I am a firm believer in right and wrong, so when something is wrong i’d be the first to check myself and admit it. I might not be too keen on admitting it to everybody but I will admit it to myself and if need be change according to right.

I am a woman of integrity and I am very proud of that because I have worked so hard on achieving that.I have strong morals and values. Sometimes I am too hard on people. The experiences i’ve had and the hurts i’ve suffered has made me cynical in some ways.

Sometimes I think love is just a myth. We will never really know what someone else is thinking. People just show you what they want you to see. Everybody has been through the mill in some way or another. Everybody hurts.

Everybody hurts. Sometimes.

That deep little dark place inside everyone’s heart that we protect from others because it can destroy us, that little place of mine is also sometimes hurts.

When you love someone and you know that person is in possession of your heart it makes us vulnerable and scared. We will never admit it to that person in fear that they will use it against us. But we know. We know what that love feels like and what losing that person will do to us.

Even the toughest person with the coldest heart is just hiding away hurt that helps them protect themselves from those that they have given their love and hearts to.

I am one of those people who rarely lets anyone in. Never do they get too close. Never do I get too close to the flame. Fire burns and it doesn’t take preference.

God has a plan and we should always trust in His plan even if we are just peeping through the keyhole and we don’t understand what we are seeing. God knows. God sees the full canvas.

Life is Black or White. Right or Wrong. Left or Right. Good or Bad. There is no Grey areas, No Maybe’s, No Middle Way. You choose to walk on God’s Path or on the World’s.

Just like my blog  explains:

Chewable advice that you can swallow or spit out. Your Choice.

Got some for me??





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