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Defining Moments

Every single one of us has defining moments in our lives. Things that happen to us that changes our mindsets. either about the people involved or ourselves. Or both.

We need to find out what these defining moments in our lives are and have a closer look at what it made us belief.

I had a defining moment like that at age 6 with a bicycle incident that taught me that I needed to hide my pain from the rest of the world.

Let me explain:

My brother, who is a couple of years older than me, and I played outside on a Sunday afternoon. In those days kids had to make themselves scares on Sunday afternoons as “grown-ups” napped.

We decided to ride around on our bicycles. After a while we got bored and started inventing more exciting ways to ride. My brother ended up attaching a rope to our two bikes so he could tow me.

At first it was fun and all went well until he went down the gravel pathway leading up to our house. I lost control of my bike and fell but I did not let go of the handle bars.

Needless to say my knees got the short end of that stick. When my brother realized what happened he stopped and came to my rescue. We went inside the house to my mom and she attended to my wounds.

In doing so she soaked me in the bath and threw “Dettol” in the water. I almost went through the roof!!!!!!!!!.

My dad was sound asleep until that moment that my high pitched screams tore him from his sleep. As my dad was sleeping for his night-shift, my mom immediately reprimanded me to be quit.

And that’s when it happened… that defining moment when my little six year old brain came to the conclusion that I had no right to show pain.

For years after that incident I hid in my room whenever I hurt myself. Nobody could see my pain. My mind was made up that the world out there did not allow me the right to express my hurts.


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