Bubblegum is chew-able. It has a nice taste when you first start chewing it and then after some time it leaves that horrible aftertaste in your mouth.

I think life is sometimes the same. We get up and go through life with different approaches and attitudes but it all depends on in what stage of the bubblegum chewing you are

Some days are better than others.

As long as we keep that in mind, what can go so wrong? Right? Wrong!! We all have issues and struggles we deal with on a daily basis.

I have been through the mill and back with a lot of things happening in my life. Some of them all at the same time. It changes you. It makes you think and take a hard look at yourself and sometimes even at God.

I have some opinions on certain things and i’d like to share them with you.

Now, i’m no expert at all. Just a little more experienced in life than what i would have liked if I could choose.

In the coming days i’ll talk about the things that has happened to me and how I handled them. Sometimes the wrong way and sometimes i learnt a lot. nevertheless it made me who i am today.

Chew my bubblegum. Swallow it or spit it out. Your Choice.



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