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Woman aren’t always RIGHT!!

In general wives seem to think that their husband are clueless idiots when dealing with relationships. They get their feelings hurt and walk around giving their husbands the silent treatment like it is their right.. No no no no no, I am not selling out my own kind. I am merely trying to make a… Continue reading Woman aren’t always RIGHT!!

Parents & Children

What is our endgame with our Children?

Everybody does something for some gain. Nobody does anything for nothing or no reason. We all have a endgame. Some result we want to see at the end of what we did. Whether it takes us a minute, a day, a year or a lifetime to do. We have a endgame. So what is the… Continue reading What is our endgame with our Children?


Witness to your life….

What is a wife? What is a husband? What is the point of getting married these days? Is there a point in getting married with all these liberal woman that don’t even take their husbands last name anymore. Living together seems the new IN thing. Definitely makes breaking up a lot easier and cheaper. No… Continue reading Witness to your life….